5 ways to support the National Memorial Family Fund

We’ve been donating our revenue to the National Memorial Family Fund for the past fortnight and now our fundraiser is over, here are more ways you can support this valuable resource.

The National Memorial Family Fund, also known as the Mikey Powell Memorial Fund and administered by 4WardEverUK, is a unique resource for families with loved ones who have lost their lives while in police custody. BAME individuals are shockingly over-represented within this issue, with the families of Mikey Powell, Sean Rigg, Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah and more being involved with this resource.

The death of George Floyd in America has inspired Black Lives Matter protests across the world and we wanted to point people towards a resource a little closer to home. Here are some ways you can support the National Memorial Family Fund.

Donate via Memorial Family Fund’s website

The easiest way to donate is via Memorial Family Fund’s website. There is a donate button on the homepage of the organisation’s site where you can make a donation of any amount via PayPal or card.

Watch and share this video

Filmed by Migrant Media, family members of Sean Rigg and Mikey Powell spoke openly and bravely to camera in this short documentary. It’s the best way to learn more about the resource and as such, sharing it with friends and family will go a long way.

Donate while you shop

Using easyfundraising, Memorial Family Fund has paired with many online retailers. This means that when you are online shopping with the likes of Argos, M&S, Sainsbury’s and many more shops, you can donate for free.

Follow Memorial Family Fund on social media

You can find the resource on Twitter and Facebook in order to stay up to date with relevant news related to Memorial Family Fund. Also, hashtags such as #MemorialFamilyFund are helping to spread the word on Instagram, too.

Buy a badge from Memorial Family Fund

On the Memorial Family Fund website, you will also have the option to buy a badge. Proceeds go to the resource and you wearing that badge or attaching it to your rucksack, tote bag or jacket, will spark conversation about the issue at hand.

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