Offie Mag’s Music of the Month: June

Raps from MIKE, yewghi, Phoebs and Jake Laud make the cut in our June Music of the Month, along with a send for Donald Trump from Chloe Bodur and Ebi Soda.

The surrealness of 2020 life has not worn off or slowed down as he enter the halfway point and our Spotify Playlist’s latest update is your soundtrack to that weird world out there. The likes of M.I.C and Telemachus are making their debuts on our playlist, while BaggE, Brad Stank and Brighton’s Lilthaiprince are becoming regulars around here.

Our Pick of the Month comes from northern rapper, yewghi. His second EP crude follows up bronze boi from last year which made our 2019 shortlist. It’s not even a case of comparing the young rapper’s two projects or even comparing yewghi to others, for his incomparable take on hip-hop and rap is what we love about him.

While this isn’t the feature-length masterpiece of previous picks of the month like Wilma Archer’s A Western Circular, the potential set out by yewghi in just six minutes and 29 seconds is there for all to see. It plays like a sketchbook of the guy’s thoughts, culminating on really, the defiant standout track.

Check what else we’ve got in the selection below and hey, follow the Spotify playlist. Expect to hear a lot of this lot on Offie Mag Radio, too.

Offie Mag

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