NiNE8 Collective’s Mac Wetha, has released almost two hours worth of beats for a quid…

Well, it’s 113 minutes and 53 seconds to be precise, but please don’t get it twisted, Mac Wetha’s Greatest Hits 1-4 is packed full of Biig Piig instrumentals, NiNE8 instrumentals, and a whole heap of unreleased heat.

He’s surely one of the most outstanding producers in London, nay, maybe even in the country. His greatest hits are not to be sniffed at either. He shows his versatility, for sure. Jam-packed with loads of well-selected samples, in parts, it’s lo-fi heaven, in others, it’s fantastically old skool whilst not steering too far away from Mac’s modern sound. I would love to see a rapper freestyle over the whole thing. Anyone up to the challenge?

Not to mention, all proceeds will be going to UNICEF to help send aid to Yemen, with the percentage of money that would normally be going to Bandcamp, being donated to NAACP Legal Defence Fund, one of the US’s leading Civil Rights Movement organisations and law firm. Go and cop it. Donate what you, believe me, it’s worth it in more ways than one!

Offie Mag

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