BURR #45: yewghi


Welcome to BURR. Brickcellphone’s Underground Rap Radar.

In this series, Brighton hip-hop DJ, Matt ‘Brickcellphone’ Leppier, is chatting to some of the underground rap talent on his radar. It’s as simple as that.

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B.U.R.R. #45: yewghi

We’ve done 45 of these things, and each one is as interesting as the next. In our last episode, we spoke to West London’s Xadi, who was new to our radar. This week, we’re looking North.

yewghi hails from Leeds and we’ve known about him for time. He’s sick. His latest EP, crude, may only be just shy of 7 minutes long, but he does not miss. It’s genius condensed. It plays like a sketchbook of the guy’s thoughts, culminating on really, the defiant standout track. His incomparable take on hip-hop and rap is what we love about him.

This is the first time we’ve interviewed him, too…

Photos of yewghi by our very own, Asher Penney

Yo bro! Introduce yourself to anyone that might not know about ya?

Yo, I named myself yewghi and I prefer warm milk in my cereal.

How’s isolation been treating you, picked up any new hobbies?

Isolation has been a movie I can’t lie. I mean obviously, we’ve been in better times when you’re talking pandemics and shit but its been 3 months of just bussing tunes, bunning & skating, it’s been beautiful.

I picked up on sleep. Like my sleeping has been on point I ain’t really talking schedules,  just the average of hours is peng.

 What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when things go back to normal?

Uhhh more time, just go to Barca or Dam, dip from these bits a little.

Your production is a big part of your sound. How do you choose your beats?

Shoutout to the producers, of course, beat selection is more of an instinctive thing for me if it doesn’t make me want to spit on it, then I ain’t messing with it.

Your latest project is so sick, how did it come about?

It’s been a while since bronze boi – I was wrapping up a project which I was thinking to drop in the summer, but as lockdown came I found myself making a lot of music, I was also listening to a lot Memphis stuff and shouted Wilf for some similar sounds.

After a few back and forths, trial and errors we found the crude sound.

What’s it like in Leeds for artists like yourself?

In Leeds I’d say, where there’s a lack of support it creates an environment where artists gotta DIY the shit, more hands-on. For example, The Northaze putting on their own headline show last year at Headrow which was the best live ting I’ve ever been to.

Leeds could be a lot better for artists but I don’t complain, I just do my thing.

You’ve recently changed your name, from yugi to yewghi, why?

Felt like it made sense, to be honest. When I did it, it was only cause I wanted a single @name on Instagram, I think they look a lot cleaner, but really it just makes more sense to me with the music I make, it’s weird to explain, the essence is still there though.

Who would you say are your biggest influences musical and otherwise?

Would be my bredrins really, we have a tonne of conversation, whether it be about tunes or anything else.

We’ll be in the car for the longest breaking down a meme, I get most of my influence from the times we share, along with my own travels – also everything black.


“Leeds could be a lot better for artists but I don’t complain, I just do my thing.”

What can we expect from you to see the year out?

Another project in the summer called rust (prod. sunnymac), doing a lil vinyl run with that, I wanna give the people that fuck with me a more direct way of supporting me as well as a different experience.

But yeah, more art, more dancing, more expression.

Anything else you’d like to add, shout outs, thank yous, a quote from your favourite book, anything goes!

Free Bobby Shmurda, if u ain’t real then you just fake, shoutout Offie Mag, follow @badself.jpg for great content.

Imma go to the Offie real quick, can I get you anything?

Lool, lemon ice tea, and a lighter.


Yewghi interview


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