Five Offie Mag Radio shows from the archive…

Ahead of our ambitious and slightly stupid attempt to broadcast 24 hours of Offie Mag Radio this weekend, allow us to whet the whistle with five steaming hot cups of Offie Mag Radio from the archive.

It’s an archive that stretches back to 2017 and the days of University of Sussex’s own radio station, where we made our on-air debuts. Chatting shit, eating snacks and playing music, not much has changed since then except the airwaves used and the amount of people listening.

Here are five episodes of Offie Mag Radio that we look back fondly on before that big fat ISSUE FIVE Launch Party broadcast at 6pm on Saturday, July 4th.

Offie Mag on URF ISSUE ONE Special

Gosh, how giddy we were.

This show went live to the whole University Campus and growing audience we were building ahead of our first print mag. Drunk off the fact that we’d actually made a real-life magazine, you can hear the innocence of youth in our tones, a banger we Shazam’d at AM PM, Lee Scott, Trellion and Lord Apex.

Offie Mag Radio goes Dutch on Red Light Radio

Ah, this was a lekker afternoon, albeit a stressful one. Dripping in sweat from a car journey to Amsterdam’s Red Light District that started in Essex somewhere, we took our seatbelts off and went straight on air at the iconic and now-defunct Red Light Radio.

It was a pleasure to share the likes of Slacs Bianci, Sam Wise, Lava La Rue and more with an international audience… eating Febo was good, too.

Offie Mag Radio featuring a Dog called Ralph

Speaking of stressful shows, what’s that old adage about working with kids and animals?

Well, worse still, never work with homesick dogs. Poor old Ralph was staying at Offie Mag HQ for a week or so and probably just missed his Mummy. Hear him barking at our Editor-in-chief struggled through a Platform B show with the help of producers and lots and lots of long jazz songs.

Offie Mag Radio Awards 2019

Our yearly round-ups take a lot of effort, so it’d be weird if we didn’t push this one. Few meetings, lots of shortlists and eventually, a decision on our favourite releases of 2019. Right up until the last two entries it wasn’t decided and then dereck d.a.c. took the crown.

Our debut on Balamii

When South London came calling, we answered. Or more so, when they said they were looking for new shows, we said ‘can we have one please?’

Once a month we spend a Friday morning on the Peckham airwaves and it’s a real pleasure, that all started with this Nokia Mansion, Pertrelli, Yazmin Lacey and Ashbeck-soundtracked debut.

Tune into a 24-hour version of all of the above on Saturday via Platform B and our YouTube channel.

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