BURR #46: Puellae


Welcome to BURR. Brickcellphone’s Underground Rap Radar.

In this series, Brighton hip-hop DJ, Matt ‘Brickcellphone’ Leppier, is chatting to some of the underground rap talent on his radar. It’s as simple as that.

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Photo via @p.visualiste

B.U.R.R. #46: Puellae

Getting ever closer to half a century of B.U.R.R. Interviews. Bit mad that really… we caught up with the Leeds-based-legend that is yewghi last time. We spoke about his latest project crude, how his homies influence him and cereal with warm milk lol.

This week, we’re speaking to the cosmic yet serene, Puellae, who hails from Coventry. She’s relatively new to our radar but we rate her highly. There’s an infectious bounce to her music and we cannot stop playing her latest single, Henny&spacecoupes featuring Kish!.

Anyway, let’s get to know Puellae.

Ello Puellae, how’s it going? Can you introduce yourself for anyone that might not have heard of ya?

Hey hey, my name’s Puellae. I’m a Coventry based singer/rapper with a purple soul.

How’s isolation been, picked up any new hobbies?

Some ups and downs but the good outweigh the bad. I haven’t picked up any new hobbies, but I’ve devoted more time for activities that I didn’t have time for in the past. Painting, yoga, reading and that.

What’s Coventry like for a young musician like yourself, is there a lot going on?

Coventry is a great place to get started, there’s a lot of talent here to take inspiration from and it’s very easy to get connected. But there’s not a lot going on here that allows us to come together and showcase our art. That’s why many of us are in Birmingham, Nottingham, London, Manchester etc.


What’s Coventry been like since the death of George Floyd and the recent Black Lives Matter movements?

Ahh, well we’ve had three marches in Coventry so far, the turnout and support have been amazing. I was so shocked, and so moved because it’s rare that we do anything like this in this city. There’s definitely a stronger sense of unity. However, there’s been a backlash from a group of Coventry City fans, which sucks obviously.

We really like your Cloud22 EP and your latest single featuring Kish!, how has your sound developed in between their releases?

Thank you! Cloud22 is like a newborn to me, a compilation of my rawest and most inexperienced self along with my purest thoughts and emotions. Since then I’ve been able to analyse my EP and figure out what I really like and what I want to show more of.

I want to show more confidence and versatility, so I experimented a little more with ‘Henny&spacecoupes’ which I’m pretty proud of. Big love to Kenniblu and Kish! Every time!

Why do you switch between French and English?

I was born in Belgium and I speak French fluently. In my family, we speak a lot of ‘Franglish’ so we’re always mixing the two haha…

Naturally, I wanted to incorporate this into my music because it’s what I do on a day to day, and also allow my family in Belgium to feel close to me when they listen to my songs.

We’ve been banging your ‘Sounds of BW’ playlist on Spotify. It’s a pretty comprehensive round-up of all things female. What’s one tune you can play on repeat from said playlist?

Oh, I can only pick one? The whole thing is on repeat! But if I really had to pick one.. ’Solo’ by Lous and The Yakuza gets wheeled like 5 times when it plays.

What can we expect from you to see the year out?

Definitely some new music, visuals and God willing I’ll perform at some point.

Anything else you’d like to add, shout outs, thank yous, a quote from your favourite book, anything goes!

Love to all my Black women, I’m for you always.

“To be soft is to be powerful” – Milk and Honey!

Shout out Matt and Offie Mag.

Imma go to the Offie real quick, can I get you anything?

Peach ice tea and Sweet Chilli Sensations pls.

Yewghi interview

Two peach ice tea picks in two weeks someone tell Lipton’s we want a bag.


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