Offie Mag’s Music of the Month: July

Despite the summer struggling to get past 19 degrees, our July additions to the Offie Mag playlist bring heat from Prem, Petrelli, Puellae and plentiful portions of pretty perfect picks for yer tympanic membranes.

Not ones to be put off by borders or that choppy bit of sea between us and the Hook Of Holland, we’ve got underground Amsterdam icons from SMIB with their politically charged Dutch trap involved. Plus, a ferry in the opposite direction takes you to Ireland where the music of playlist debutants Archy Moor and Brién is being made.

As for our Pick of the Month? What with the newly launched ISSUE FIVE featuring a New Yorker on the cover, we continued to cut ourselves some slack with this whole ‘UK underground’ thing…

(continued below)



Our Pick of the Month comes from MIKE, the young king of a new wave of rap and production in the States that’s as exciting as freshly cut grass or the first disposable BBQ of summer. In fact, the guy’s so fucking good at producing under his dj blackpower alias that sometimes he’ll flip the same sample into two different beats and then merge them together before rapping.

It’s like he’s DJing as his own warm-up act.

Weight of the World sees MIKE develop his style and his character as a rapper further, touching on complex relationships he’s had with family, friends and grief. The title is fittingly named as well, as it feels like people are already looking to the young artist to take the mantra of underground hip-hop greatness. With Earl an early admirer and now finally a featured artist on a MIKE project, he’s picked up some of the dedicated fanbase that the Californian wordsmith has, mixed with an eclectic demographic across second home London and of course, New York.

This record is new but well-travelled, well-made and well good, basically. A worthy Pick of the Month. Hear us play it on Offie Mag Radio, some time?


Off Licence Magazine ISSUE FIVE

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