We grabbed a meal deal with Conrad Mundy…

Understated in style yet somehow right up in your face at the same time, Conrad Mundy is one of the most interesting rappers to put out a tape this year.

A joint release with CLBRKS, Out For Lunch sees the two Conrads go verse for verse in parts while each has solo tracks on the EP, too. Both killing quite frankly exquisite beats from producer Drae Da Skimask, we had to get more of an insight into how the tape was made and to do so, we sat in a make-believe semantic field with Mundy and ate meal deals.

Out For Lunch, indeed. Here’s what happened…

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First things first, what’s Conrad Mundy’s meal deal of choice?

Supermarket of choice: Tesco is certi my go-to. We used to have a Tesco right near my school so when I used to have lunch that was always the motive. As long as you’re not getting one of them corner shop meal deals it’s bless.

Pick your sandwich, wrap or what have you: Can never go wrong with chicken, bacon and lettuce or a chicken club sandwich. Basically anything with chicken and we good.

Pick your snack (crisps, fruit, them little brownie things etc): Gotta be crisps, hasn’t it really? If not then you’ve gotta have a rethink about your meal deal selection. For me, though. it would be some Monster Munch but only the pickled onion ones.

Pick your drink: Blackcurrant Ribena, for sure.

So, the project Out For Lunch sees you and CL collab on a tape. There are similarities in your laid-back deliveries that work so well together, was that an obvious reason to work with one another?

Yeah, definitely and it was cool to be able to do it on this EP too.

We caught you bumping Trellion on your IG story once, is he someone you listen to a lot UK-wise? 

100% not even just UK-wise, he’s one of the top guys in the scene and it’s obvious why.

Interestingly not all the songs on Out For Lunch feature the both of you, talk us through that decision?

We both thought it would be a cool aspect to have on this specific EP, it came about when we had finished all of the other songs and just thought why not, you know?

Drae Da Skimask is one of the coldest producers in the country we reckon, how did that link-up come about? 

We both obviously knew about Drae prior to this project and admired his work, we were just searching for beats one day on TRAKTRAIN, found a bunch of his beats that we really liked and just went with it.

What’s been mad interesting to us about this tape is the collaboration right across the board. You released it with Scumlife the clothing brand, made incense with Cremate London, dropped the hoodies. What was the thinking with this release strategy?

Thanks and yeah, big shout out to Scumlife and to Junior at Cremate London for helping out with those. With the hoodies, we wanted to keep them simple and the artwork for the album was perfect with the greyscale image. In terms of the incense that was CL’s idea which I was on board with from the start because it’s not something you see a lot of people do.

And finally, what can we expect next from you in terms of solo projects? We’ve caught you on the C and Morri tape, an older Bisk release, we’re keen to hear more innit.

Yes most definitely. Lockdown has been a real catalyst for me and has given me time to experiment with my sound and work with new people. I can’t say much right now but definitely keep an eye out on my socials for updates… @CONRADMUNDY.

If you like reading what rappers say and stuff like that, try out ISSUE FIVE of Off Licence Magazine.


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