Something that is old Thursdays: Frisco – Ignorant (2009)

Frisco must be one of the most prolific grime artists of all-time.

A Boy Better Know member, the North Londoner has been delivering his often comically good lyricism over 140BPM and more since the mid-2000s. While there has been a tendency for some of the longest-serving grime MCs to try and go pop here and there, especially at the turn of the decade when commercial success in the genre was harder to come by, Frisco never seemed to bat an eyelid at a funky bassline or softly-sung hook.

Ignorant, one of the leading tracks of his Back 2 Da Lab III mixtape, seemed to embody that no-nonsense approach when it dropped on the influential SBTV in August 2009. The very definition of the ‘hood video’ that was the low-budget, high-authenticity take on music videos at the time, you see Big Fris rapping to camera in his native Tottenham.

The matching hat and tee. The contagious flow. The capital F the R, I, S, C.

Off Licence Magazine ISSUE FIVE

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