5 Brighton & Hove spots to Eat Out to Help Out at…

Brighton restaurants and coffee shops range from the celebrated local brands to some if-you-know-you-know eateries that you might not know about.

What with the current government scheme to get all of you lot spending more money on food and (non-alcoholic) drinks, we thought it would be a good time to share some of the best Brighton eats in our humble opinion. We have tried to tick all boxes on this one, with guilty drunken munch, coffee and fine-dining all taken into account.

Right, we’re all hungry so let’s get into it…

Sangsa (The Montpellier Inn)

With a kitchen hidden somewhere inside the football-friendly pub that is The Monty, Sangsa is traditional Korean fried-chicken spot that has recently popped up since lockdown finished.

Their head chef had been making and selling his food on Instagram during the Spring and momentum begun to build and build, culminating in a kitchen slot at a Brighton boozer with a full menu. Whether you like your chicken super saucy, super spicy or perhaps not even chicken at all, Sangsa have you covered with vegan options, fries and more. It’s peng and not too pricey. Plus, look at it.

Presuming Ed’s Coffee House

In a pre-Covid world, rarely would a day go by without at least one Offie Mag staffer stopping by this London Road staple. Great coffee, lovely people behind the till and the biggest, fattest wi-fi we ever did connect to. Honestly, YouTube videos get uploaded in like 20 seconds.

If you need more reasons why we love Presuming Ed’s, here are some more. We took Jehst there for a Poke Bowl once. They let us throw a big party in there last January, where CLBRKS, Kish! and Lord Apex touched mic. The owner bought two Offie Mag Radio mugs for customers to drink from. One of them got nicked.

Kujira, Preston Street

Ah, Preston Street. Brighton’s neon-gleaming valley of high-end eateries and fast food fantasy.

With the i360 lurking over it, the general aesthetic of the street is a little off-the-wall and in keeping with that, Japanese grill Kujira looks a little bit ‘Paris Hilton 2007 nightclub’ with it’s shiny interior. Once your seated, though, the real experience starts as you and your fellow diners decipher the tapas style menu.

There’s a lot on there and most of it has been kissed and seared by the most glorious smoky grill, leaving a mouth-quivering taste that it’s hard to really put into words. Aside from the grill, the salmon tacos are a must-eat, but if we had to pick one thing to eat again and again from Kujira, it’s that duck. No wait, the tempura rolls. Or the oyster mushrooms, to be fair. Yikes.

Down To Earth Coffee (The Hove one)

When you’re a student in Brighton, you think the world revolves around London Road and North Laines. But venture out on a Brighton bike to the other end of Western Road and you’ll realise there’s a little more to life than Greggs and Home Bargains. Like cinnamon rolls, for example.

Down To Earth is a pure wholesome little cafe where the food leans towards ‘treating yourself’ rather than an everyday lunch. But then again, that’s the beauty of the half-price scheme throughout August. So get in there, get some food and pay half-whack for a pour-over coffee as well while you’re at it.

Poppy’s Sandwich Bar

We don’t need it to be half-price for us to walk out of this place with a BLT in a brown bag. Poppy’s Sandwich Bar is like Subway, but actually nice?

Choose your bread, choose your fillings, choose your veg and choose your sauce. Then choose whether you want to takeaway (Ts & Cs apply) or eat upstairs and watch London Road below. Everything is super fresh and Poppy’s happy to go off-menu if your heart desires something not already written on her ever-changing chalkboard of unreal sarnies.

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