Something that is old Thursdays: That Hawaii helicopter jump on Tony Hawks Underground

To celebrate the Tony Hawks video games turning 21-years-old, revert-to-manual with us down memory lane. 

Hated on by some for it’s lack of realism, Tony Hawks Underground was the first game in the THPS series that allowed players get off their board and/or jump over helicopters. With a first person(ish) story mode, it blurred the lines from the arcade style of the original games, to what those who know more about games than us would call an RPG. 

After slogging it in various North American cities, the story mode eventually takes you to Hawaii where you kickflip and Melon grab past various stereotypes of the island. In the need to supply some bloke back home with, quote-on-quote ‘totally rad footage,’ you climb onto a hotel roof with a conveniently placed ramp aiming off into the pixelated abyss. 

To the shock and disbelief of your best bud from New Jersey, Eric, the player skates off the ramp, McTwists over a hovering police helicopter and onto the apparent safety of a concrete roof some several yards away. The occurrence is oddly easy for something so spectacular, even in the definition of your 12 inch Sekio telly. 

Smug as anything, you place your controller down, knowing your life may never be the same again. Life has peaked. It’s just a shame you’re only 9-years-old and your dinner’s ready. 

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