Lex Amor, Bel Cobain, and illiterate link up on At The Bay…

Finally, a collaboration we’ve all been waiting for, as Lex Amor and Bel Cobain get together on lo-fi heat provided by illiterate for the Silhouettes Project.

The Silhouettes Project is a platform that aims to bring the talented underground together, in the hopes to create new relationships and groundbreaking music. Founded by Eerf Evil and Asher (Kosher) combining their keen knowledge and experience in community development work and their love and passion for music, specifically hip-hop, jazz, and soul, they’re promoting amazing, underrated talent.

Lex Amor, Bel Cobain and illiterate are all great in their own right. Each of the featured artists bring their own taste qualities to create an incredible piece that will SURELY be added to Offie Mag’s Music of the Month playlist when it’s updated for September. We’d had an eye on this since catching it being made on an Instagram story way back when, so it’s satisfying to see that studio session materialise.

offie mag issue five

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