Sofie releases animated video for Stones Throw released track ‘Happen 2 B There’

Sofie’s entirely self-produced album Cult Survivor is nothing short of a summer’s masterpiece, releasing in the middle of 2020 on Stones Throw Records.

The Vienna-based artist has crafted a retro sound that is very much her own and the funk-leaning single Happen 2 B There now exists with visuals. One of the more upbeat yet lyrically somber cuts on the record, the video channels something between mid-nineties Disney Pixar, 1980s VHS and a tribute to cult, surreal film, The Holy Mountain.

Get lost in this one for a few minutes and maybe check the full album, too. As you’ll see from those in the comments, it went down a treat with many within Stones Throw’s loyal following. You can also catch Sofie and her wide range of influences on NTS regularly, if you wanna know where this sound and visual aesthetic comes from.

As you were.

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