Roll down Paradise Drive with Devenny and Bathwater 404

404 Guild, the genre-blurring collective, has several strands. One of them, the duo of Devenny and Bathwater, have put a journey of a track this month.

Paradise Drive is an evolving piece of music that features classical strings deep within a multi-layered instrumental from producer Bathwater, while Devenny guides you from start to finish. From the ‘domino effect,’ that Dev speaks of on the hook, to that slowed down delivery that makes up much of the verses, this is the so-called ‘alternative rap’ that we all deserve.

In ISSUE FIVE of Offie Mag, esteemed producer Wilma Archer spoke of how rap, as an artform, has the ability to contextualise any instrumental or any genre within it’s own realm, simply by having a talented rapper over the top. That very much feels like what’s going on here and with so much of the output from the Eastbourne-raised 404 Guild.

Hard to write about but easy to enjoy, you can hear Paradise Drive on the Offie Mag Music of the Month Playlist.

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