Voldy Moyo’s experimental music journey continues on Tale of Red Star

Voldy Moyo, the teenage artist coming out of Headingley, is an unique as they come in this underground music game.

Whether he releases under v7backin2007 or Voldy Moyo, the rapper, producer and more’s ability to experiment with his homemade sound is compelling to witness. At one point this year, Moyo was dropping a new song on YouTube every day, often with DIY visuals as well.

It built up momentum for a new full project, Tale of Red Star, in which Voldy largely leaves his raps behind for some spoken word, singing and self-taught guitar instrumentals. With the sounds of rain, the chatter of the great outdoors and airplanes overhead, it’s a left-field release even for him. With MIKE, Earl Sweatshirt and more among his admirers, there’s no resting on laurels when it comes to Voldy’s musical output and his creativity seemingly has no boundaries in sight.

The project’s opener, Memories R Lemures, a lovely spoken delivery typical of Tale of Red Star, kicks off our Music of the Month Playlist at the moment. It’s abstract yet smooth, weird but familiar, as airport ambience and Voldy’s poetic lyrics decorate a minimal beat. Take it in. Red Star forever.

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