Alabama fireman B.R.A.D. releases beautiful guitar-led single ‘Start Again’

US guitarist and frontline fireman, B.R.A.D. is one of the latest artists to feature on our playlist.

Upon hearing the funk and jazz-leaning chords of the experienced musician’s guitar, we knew very quickly that Start Again would be on regular rotation at Offie Mag HQ. B.R.A.D. (Be Real About Destiny) is a self-taught guitarist who has been plucking strings for well over two decades, performing on some of the most renowned stages in his native Alabama down the years across various groups.

Start Again is a fittingly-named release for what feels like a refreshing new crack at music for B.R.A.D., whose new Spotify page is well-deserving of your attention. You can also, as mentioned, find the track of the Offie Mag Music of the Month Playlist, where new finds are placed on a monthly basis.

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