Offie Mag Radio: Guest mix w/ Tech Support

It’s the Offie Mag Radio Guest Mix series… the one where we ask DJs to give us a mix and then ask them to nominate a friend. We’re seeing where it takes us.

This time it took us to Tech Support, as nominated by Kirollus. They gave us an hour of all sorts of indie dance music sounds for your weekend, your morning, or whenever the bloody hell you find time to listen.


Sau Poler – Gabagool
Odopt – Frapol Porger
Mogambo – Dishoom
Dor Danino – Ciara
Tronik Youth – Sarcastic Lazers (Technobeton Remix)
Dude Energy – Renee Running
Terr & Daniel Watts – Disko Axiom
Hammer – Jupiter (Beats)
Kiwi – Ghiaccio
Fideles – Brain Machine
New World – Poeme
Jex Opolis – Jan’s Hammer

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