BURR #50: The best of Brickcellphone’s Underground Rap Radar so far…

So, here we are. BURR 50. Feels good, doesn’t it?

My Underground Rap Radar is an ongoing Q&A with underground rap characters from all over the place, documenting back and forths I’ve had on a fortnightly basis for some time now. To mark the occasion of BURR 50, I have decided to collate some of my favourite quotes from some of my favourite interviews .

It gives us an opportunity to take a long and arduous stroll down memory lane, turning right onto friendship avenue before crossing the bridge of hilarity, recapping on some of BURR’s best bits. 

Anyway, enjoy, you underground rap music fiends – and remember there are exclusive BURR Q&As in every issue of Off Licence Magazine, available here.

The logo from Episode One… :’)

“Every time I go outside is an official release.” – Sporting Life (BURR 32)

“Now, I feel like my music is finally appreciated solely based on the music, not about who I am, or my gender.” Nayana IZ (BURR 20)

“Ayyyyyyyy whattttt, you’re too kind, Brick, stop it you’re making me blush.” – (sly fieri BURR 16)

“I used to play XBOX 8 hours a day, I was an addict, Search and Destroy on Call of Duty. I would play beats and rap to strangers, for 8 hours a day – my mates would come round and be at the door like “yoooo were you rapping bro?” and I’d tell ’em it was just the tune.” – dereck d.a.c. (BURR 28)

“It’s all down to whether or not my mum will be cool with me coming down to London for some time, but as of right now, man, I’m just banging out maths past papers for my GCSEs.” – Voldy Moyo (BURR 4)

“When do I make music? When it’s dark and misty outside and I’ve got candles or neon lights in the studio, it’s literally my favourite vibe and is probs the most important for making some shit happen.” – Gemini Aaliyah (BURR 13

“I prefer warm milk in my cereal.” – (yewghi BURR 45)

“I don’t use milk in my cereal.” – (Archy Moor BURR 47)

“Nanshen’s got a lot of music, like, a lot.” – Bador (BURR 18)

“If you’re looking for generic study beats, I’m your gal!” saaaz (BURR 48)

“I was mad lucky to have lived with a well-known Jazz Pianist called Ashley Henry when I was in university, he practised 6 hours every day without fail, It was around then it kinda rubbed off on me and I took making beats a lot more seriously.” – Pitch 92 (BURR 19)

“Hello, I’m Thomas, I am 1 quarter of the Four Owls and  1 whole of Verb T.” – VERB T (BURR 30)

“Love to all my Black women, I’m for you always.” – (Puellae BURR 46)

“I got roped into rapping by some of my bredrins that did music tech in College” – Baileys Brown (BURR 27)

“Twix, but I don’t even like chocolate that much.” – Virgil Hawkins (BURR 3)

“I used to play drums as a kid and bass and guitar – just the standard three man. My mum is a pianist and my dad’s a guitarist – my dad’s in a band called Eddie and the Hot Rods shout out to Barry Masters, he sadly passed away last week, rest in peace, what a legend. I’m going to dedicate this pint to Barry Masters, rest in peace.” (WunDrop BURR 34)

“Catch me ordering a full English and a pot of tea with an orange juice on the side.” –  (Rye Shabby BURR 49)

Here’s to another 50, I suppose? Thanks for reading.

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