BURR #51: Feux

It’s Brickcellphone’s Underground Rap Radar, nursing a hangover from the 50th episode celebrations.

This week we’ve got a Q&A with the versatile rapper Feux, who has got brand new music for you to absorb. You can find a slice of it on our Music of the Month Playlist but, for the best way to get to know this young artist, stick around. We’re chatting about the debut album, working with friends and mental health in music.

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(Featured image taken by @luciegoosyy)

Feux, what you saying, what’s good, what’s up? Can you introduce yourself for the people?

Yo! My name is Max (Aka Feux) I’ve recently turned 20 and I’m an artist/producer from North London. I’m from Peruvian, Belgian and British descent and I speak fluent French and decent Spanish.

You gave me a sneaky listen to the new album before it dropped, can you tell me about the album’s inception?

Pure Nine is essentially my projection and the mirror of my life experiences as a teenager. It tells a story about my struggles and achievements to get to where I am today. A long journey of self-discovery and vision of the world around me pushed me to create this project and I have a deep connection with it that I feel nobody will ever feel.

This album feels like a milestone for you as an artist. Why do you think that is? How important are the collaborations on this tape?

Damn, it is the biggest milestone to date in my life. More than learning how to ride a bike or even read haha. An album is something so special to any artist, it’s almost like you live with it and you get to know it bit by bit, every single detail you are aware of and have crafted to make it perfect. So yeah it really is a big moment for me releasing the album. The collaborations are essentially my friends. I have been super lucky to have met such incredible artists that I’ve created such close bonds with. Apart from Bador who I met recently in Brighton (lovely geeza). I had my best mate and incredible artist J P Rose help me create the whole thing, a couple productions from my boy Gillieson and features from Loraxx and Basil Panagop two good friends of mine.

You’ve worked with JP Rose quite a bit, right? Why do you think you guys gel so well?

I haven’t met anybody like him before, it’s a no-bullshit just all-round incredible friendship. We have helped each other so much over the past couple years and especially during the lockdown where times were a bit rough. I can’t thank him enough for everything, big ups J P man he’s got some bangers on the way, trust me.

Your t-shirt collab with Vented London was hard, how did that come about? You got any more merchandise coming?

Thank you, bro, Josh who owns vented is my bro for real. We wanted to push Radiate as much as possible and because it came out at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement we wanted to help as much as possible. We raised 300 pounds for local Black businesses and charities. They sold out quickly so we restocked and we are thinking of making some Pure Nine merch too.

Let’s Get Lost tackles some difficult issues including mental health struggles. How important is the conversation surrounding mental health in music?

It’s something that I have struggled with before and something that affects us all, whether we like it not. Our vision was to create a conversation, let people know that they aren’t alone in this and there’s always someone to talk. Mental health is a real killer so it’s not something to be taken lightly and something that people really need to be aware of. We’ve got a fundraiser currently running for Young Minds UK. Also, just a message to any artists out there reading this, if you got the means and platform to spread awareness and positivity, do it.

Who would you say influences you the most?

The people around me. You become your surroundings which is why it’s super important to be around the right people. All the people around me have ambitions and the right intentions, which is just so good to be around for real.

Where’s your favourite boozer in London?

Shit den, I’m tryna cut down on drinking. I have a habit of not drinking a lot but when I do I get way too shit-faced haha, so it’s my mission to chill out. But King William IV in Hampstead bangs, my boy who works there just busses me drinks.

Anything else you wanna add? Shout outs? Favourite quote? Any of that shit!

Shoutouts every single person that has supported me, shared, liked, listened to my shit it means the world. Thank you to my family and friends for everything. ‘Life gives you presents when you stay present in the moment – Feux.’

Big ups you for the interview as well.

Imma go to the Offie real quick, want anything?

Longs please… and Evian water for my dry ass mouth please mate x

Offie Mag.

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