Gaptoof and Chlobocop show why they’re among the best with ‘I’M THE BEST’

Cork’s Gaptoof and Glasgow’s Chlobocop have combined to release a head-turning single, I’M THE BEST.

Sounding real Celtic, the Irish producer and Scottish rapper compliment each other delightfully on this one, with Chlobocop’s more mellow approach finding a natural home. Both of these artists have had an interesting 2020 so far, with Gaptoof’s Looks Like Rain tape ranking highly amongst our favourite releases of the year.

Chlobocop meanwhile, has continued to lay down the foundations of what promises to be a long and successful career at this music lark. She’s teased us by removing some of her music from Spotify and the like, but we rest safe in the knowledge that our ISSUE FIVE cover star has plenty of new music to come soon…

For now, tuck the fuck into I’M THE BEST if you know what’s good for you. Find it on our Music of the Month playlist as well, obviously.

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