Offie Mag’s Music of the Month: November

Our Spotify playlist is updated for some indoor listening this month, as lockdown sounds come from Novelist, Bawo, AANNLUCILE and more.

November this year hasn’t been full of the usual fireworks, but there’s been plenty to go ‘ooooh’ and ‘ahhh’ about in terms of underground music releases. As ever, you’ll find an array of different genres, scenes and cities represented on our Music of the Month selecky, with regulars like Sam Wise and the returning Theolonious Coltrane, joined by newcomers like Tayylor Made and Seinna & Scientific.

Pick of the Month: Fly Anakin & Pink Siifu – Fly Siifu’s

Out in a place called America, the first hip-hop record of note to be released since Trump got dumped came in the form of Fly Siifu’s, a typically timeless sounding collab from Fly Anakin and Pink Siifu. Features from the likes of L.ive, crunchy but soulful production and trickling keys make this a must-listen we reckon. It’s our Pick of the Month, offering 46 minutes of that good stuff and some beautiful visuals with it, too. Can something be smooth af and hard-hitting at the same time? Cos that’s what it is.

Closer to home, lo-fi, lo-key indie sensation Milo Korbenski dropped a whole album. Zuko Alone, a hypnotic highlight from the Brightonian’s LATE NIGHT SWEATING project can be found amongst the playlist picks, sandwiched in-between Irish noisemakers cbakl and Yenkee. Plenty to keep you occupied and plenty of wormholes to explore there, from the safety of your own home this lockdown.

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