Allexa Nava has updated our Jazz Club Playlist

Our ongoing Jazz Club Playlist has been updated this month by young jazz artist Allexa Nava.

Hailing from Peru, the London-based saxophonist came onto our radar with her debut single, Good Job Phillip! towards the end of 2020. An ambitious first release, recorded as a quartet with Nadav Schneerson of Yadasofi, Madeleine Jones and Amyna Gadiaga, the sax-led effort earmarked Allexa as one to watch this year.

Curating our Jazz Club Playlist, we now get a chance to hear some of Allexa’s influences and go-to artists, as she picks the likes of Melissa Aldana, Nubya Garcia, Esperanza Spalding and more female acts for an International Women’s Day themed update.

You can follow Allexa Nava on Instagram and Facebook, and hear Offie Mag’s Jazz Club playlist below.

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