Manchester label Äkta Norr release Made In England collection

Based up in Manchester, menswear label Äkta Norr has recently unveiled its new Made in England collection, serving some serious layering during this chilly bit between winter and summer.

With handmade production work being a huge part of this debut Äkta Norr collection, you can’t help but use your own hands to applaud the attention to detail. It was designed by London based fashion designer Mark Rigby and the collection works as a complete layering system, each item is made to be worn alongside the other.

Dunno about you lot, but we’re trying to see these in the great outdoors, socially rambling with those in your social bubble. The pieces come in Midnight Blue, Natural Cotton and Black, but you’ll also noticed a subtle nod to an old-timey colourway thanks to premium English Huddersfield Wool taking centre stage as a stand out piece.

Äkta Norr Made in England collection is available to buy now from

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