Bubba Janko’s QUITE ROMANTIC playlist

Bubba Janko’s music is some of the most instantly loveable material you’ll hear.

Seducing you before you can ask “who’s this song by?“, the young artist melts RnB with jazz and a 70’s soul inspired groove to create something that is uniquely his own. Following up the single Incredible he released in 2020, Bubba Janko is now two tracks deep in 2021.

Eager to hear what his reference points and influences are, we asked Bubba Janko to curate our ongoing QUITE ROMANTIC playlist of Offie Mag’s Spotify. They didn’t disappoint, weaving the likes of Mariah Carey and Ojerime through to Hiroshi Sato and Bobby Caldwell. It’s cohesive, it’s janky, it’s QUITE ROMANTIC. Delve into it below, or follow the ongoing playlist here.

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