Platform B are hosting Brighton’s first virtual reality gig at Green Door Store

We all love Green Door init? Well, our good mates at Platform B alongside members of Brighton’s tech-savvy community have recreated the gritty and distinctive bar in a photorealistic virtual reality. 

With a lot of uncertainty still surrounding the live sector, we love Platform B for curating this groundbreaking public event in the virtual representation of its real-world home. Ticket holders (free tickets, we should add) will have the chance to create their own personal avatars that can move through the virtual recreation of Green Door Store, meet-up with friends and interact with others in a way that mimics the real world, all whilst watching spoken word and music performances from some of Brighton’s best; Bklava, Nokia Mansion, KianVsLife, Kymara, Priss Nash and Henna.

You can book your free space here, or if it’s more information that you desire, head here. See you in there, clutching a virtual can of virtual lager beer.

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