Five festivals we’re glad to see back this summer…

The return of music festivals this summer promises to be quite special innit.

A few people have been chucking the phrase ‘roaring twenties’ around willy-nilly. And while we’re not gonna compare coming out of lockdown to a decade of economic growth and widespread prosperity, driven by recovery from wartime devastation and deferred spending, we are very much looking forward to it.

Can’t believe it’s been two years now since we did one of these festival previews, but here it goes. Due to either demand for tickets or dates that fall before the government’s plan for outdoor activities such as these, we’re not able to attend all of them in person. But whether you’re there wearing your coveted wristband or not, these are five music festivals we’re looking forward to this summer.

We Out Here Festival

Remember when you were in year 8 and you saw the line-up for Wireless? Me and my mates couldn’t believe that all them artists from our iTunes Library were going to be in one field at the same time. Couldn’t wait to don my best v-neck from Topman and take it all in.

Well, We Out Here Festival is a bit like that, except you’re now in your mid-twenties and your music taste has advanced beyond late-2000s BBC Radio ONE pop rap to a who’s who of WorldwideFM’s best. Honestly, the names on this list. Shall we just reel a few of them off?

Lynda Dawn. Greentea Peng. Alfa Mist. Tenderlonious. Ebi Soda. Goya Gumbani. Lex Amor. Kokoroko. Giles Peterson, himself.

There’s also swimming lakes and all the best of Brownswood in general. We’re counting down the days until August 19th in Cambridgeshire. It’s already sold out, but keep an eye out for officially re-sold tickets and announcements here.

The Great Escape Online

Yeah, it does hurt that we won’t be bumbling around our hometown this May-time, bundling into excellent venues and watching live music in pubs, clubs and hotel lobbies. But second best is The Great Escape’s online offering, boasting a line-up fitting of a festival that prides itself on being The Festival For New Music.

Not only will there be live acts and streams, but there’s also keynote speakers and educational content for artists that is typical of a music festival that plays such a key role in the burgeoning careers of young artists from across the world. Log-in for the likes of the brilliant Nadi Khan of Women in CTRL, Eliza Legzdina, Kinkai, Otzeki and so many more. Full line up and more info can be found here.


So Houghton’s a really interesting one this year. More unlucky than most, Houghton 2019 was cancelled in a pre-pandemic world due to horrific weather, making this the first edition of the iconic dance festival for three years.

With the force of three years in one, Houghton 2021 sold-out quicker than you can say Kings Lynn – the Norfolk countryside in which it will be taking place. There’s not even a line-up yet, so that’s about it for now, but well done if you got a ticket and don’t be re-selling them now.

Love Supreme

Almost want to click our collective knuckles to start this one, and then let out a large exhale of air. Because we’re smug veterans of those luscious hills of Glynde that host Love Supreme, we are.

The hot and humid 2018 where Mr Jukes’ glistened in summer sun? Lauryn Hill being worth the wait in 2019? The one where a spontaneous jazz jam sparked from a lone trumpeter in the camp site? Been there, done that and covered it in our print mag. We were gutted we couldn’t carry on our Love Supreme run in 2020 due to Covid-19, but it looks like Love Supreme 2021 is back to serve up soul, funk and jazz.

Only a few names have been unveiled so far, but you can guarantee the usual mix of up and coming acts, flavours of the month and legendary artists on the various stages of one of the most picturesque festival we know.

Brainchild Festival

First things first, congratulations to the team behind Brainchild for selling out already. Rubbing shoulders with some off the bigger festivals in the UK, this one has been grown organically, sticking to their non-profit model and serving up precious memories for those who have made it to their events so far.

It’s a platform for artists in all fields – music, spoken word, painting, and so on. It’s also in a field. And a forrest, where DJs do their wonderful thing until the early hours.

That’s your lot. Up with live music, down with extortionate re-sellers.

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