Anwar Carrots drop a complete collection of accessories

You might know streetwear brand Carrots by Anwar Carrots for their flamboyant yet somehow understated pieces.

Be that t-shirts, hoodies or collaborative footwear, they have pretty much covered all ground. In a new step for Carrots though, they have teamed up with CASETiFY to make more accessories than you shake a root vegetable at.

New accessories from CASETiFY and Anwar Carrots. There is a green water bottle, two orange phone cases and two grey phone cases, as well as an all-over print phone case and orange headphone holders.

In the Carrots x CASETiFY collection, you’ve got plenty of smartphone bits. Phone cases come in three exclusive designs, available on vibrant orange and green-hued Impact Cases. More accessories in the collection extend to the latest generations for iPhone, so tech-heads out there can have themselves matching gear for AirPods and AirPods Pros.

Tech accessories aside, there’s a water bottle that you can enjoy regardless of what mobile phone you own. What we like about the collection is that commitment to thinking outside the box. Why put out a plain white t-shirt when you can drop a water bottle?

Shop the collection via CASETiFY who are the first ever lifestyle brand to collaborate with Anwar Carrots.

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