It’s Offie Mag’s Monthly helping of new music that we’re into.

We’ve got hip-hop and rap from all corners of the UK & Eire, and all corners of a place called America, too. Located some way west of Ireland, the United States of America as they are affectionately known, has provided us with several underground sounds this April. The frankly ridiculously good Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin have added an EP on top of their LP released last year, calling on the likes of Mavi and Zeeloperz for it. Tha Divide couldn’t not make our playlist.

Nor could New York artist MIKE’s new one. Evil Eye proves once again why this guy’s the guy when it comes to sample-based music of all kinds.

But as far a whole project goes, Nappy Nina and J Words’ Double Down is a must-listen. J’s production takes a massive influence from the world of dance and electronic music. Combining that with hip-hop worthy of being made in the very belly of the beast, and Nappy Nina’s poignant, protean lyricism, the nine-track project is our Pick of the Month.

Back on our own shores, Lord Apex continues writing his own legacy in British hip-hop with SSV3. Calling on features from Smoke DZA and Wiki, AP is making waves far beyond the UK at the minute and it’s amazing to witness. He still keeps it West London though, featuring Louis Culture and Finn Foxell amongst the 36 minutes of smoked out rap music.

Elsewhere you’ve got Brighton representation in slugabed, dereck d.a.c. & KianVsLife and honorary seasider Renelle, who happens to shout the name of a Susses-based off-licence-themed magazine on his track Broke Me Blower (BRICKCELLPHONE).

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