The SEVENTH ISSUE of Off Licence Magazine is here and available to purchase via our shop.

Jazz pianist, composer, producer and rapper ALFA MIST is on one cover and globetrotting DJ, producer and artist FAUZIA is on the other of this latest issue of Off Licence Magazine.

Our 64-pages are filled with some amazing underground artists and special people doing bits in their own world. From Birmingham’s jaydonclover to Brighton’s dereck d.a.c.. From The Silhouettes Project whose talent spans across the whole UK, to Kosovar hitmaker Qendresa.

No one travelled more than photographer Asher to get this one made. And AP weren’t the only one putting work in. The theme is COMMUNITY and this issue is the result of ours being creative and class. We’ve featured some notable characters from our own community on the 64 sheets for sale, all while asking artists about their own – be they based online, on creative circles, identity, or a postcode.

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