Nightclub’s are staying closed then.

Listening to our Music of the Month playlist is still alright to do though, perhaps on yer mate’s UE Boom at the beach. At least the weather’s got good, innit. Sun’s been out in Brighton and our editor-in-chief ain’t long out of the sea whilst typing this monthly music musing.

In-between content meetings whilst treading water, we’ve managed to once again find a whole bunch of great underground music scores for our Music of the Month playlist. We get particularly giddy when we find new artists or more so, artists new to us, who make their Offie Mag Playlist debut here in June 2021.

Joviale, with their ever-changing alternative pop funk number, is one debutant, while closer to our home of gritty hip-hop, a track off HPBLK’s first beat tape makes the cut. Ojerime’s first track of the year couldn’t not make our picks, as the South Londoner’s previous release was ranked number one in Offie Mag’s Music of the Year. Safe to say that Jetset delivers as well, with that smooth but woozy production style once again being graced by Ojerime’s top tier lyricism.

Anyway, enough from us, enough from me, here’s the playlist. I need to find the aftersun and hang my towel out to dry. Offie Mag.

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