Offie Mag Premiere: Verbz – The Low

It’s another Offie Mag Premiere and this time we’re privileged to showcase Verbz’ new solo track, The Low.

With a video filmed by the ridiculously prolific Honey JD and directed by the Croydon rapper himself, The Low sees Verbz pitched up Southend-on-sea. A place where pennies drop from machines and where piers are a mile-long, the cinematically shot visuals keep the eye busy whilst one of the UK’s finest lyricists is in yer ear.

Produced by Lonewolf Mcquay, this is the title track off of a forthcoming Verbz EP that he’s releasing off his own back. The full tape is dropping on July 2nd and will be available via cassette tape as well. Production is expected to vary on it, with this very much being a solo project from the esteemed artist who has built such a following not only in our city of Brighton, but across the whole UK and the likes of Germany as well.

If his discography is anything to go by, that The Low EP will be something to go buy, with Verbz picking up where he left off on High Focus releases with Slipz and the Group BraCil pushed Pathways.

Get into it, it’s Verbz innit. You didn’t need to read all of this, you already know it’s good.

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