The Silhouettes Project: ‘We don’t care about the numbers, are you down for the community?’

Bel Cobain, C.Tappin, Eerf Evil, Elsa Imperilee, Enny, illiterate, Jkarri, Joe Beard, KeepVibesNear, Kieron Boothe, Kofi Stone, Kosher, Lex Amor, Louis The Hippie, Majical, Manik MC, Meron T, Midnight Phunk, Morgan Lorelle, Natty Wylah, Nix Northwest, Outrageous Claims, Paya, Pedro Retro, Purple Cloud, Alma De La Selva, Slim, Stephanie Santiago, Summer-Pearl, Summers Sons, Tolushorts, Whoeva?

That long list of talent took a chunk out the ISSUE SEVEN word count, but we they all deserved a mention for their input on what feels like a once-in-a-lifetime team effort. That said, project founders, Kosher and Eerf Evil – or Asher and Jaden – are working towards making it happen all over again. 

‘We don’t have to beg people to be on it,’ says Jaden, excited by the prospect of curating another record as strong as the first. ‘It’s a community project, and people really want to be involved with it, it’s great. It’s about the ethos though; the question is, do you align with the purpose? We don’t care about the numbers, are you down for the community? Do you want to see change?’

Such rhetorical questions go a long way to describing what The Silhouettes Project is all about and, having graced a Hackney billboard, tallied up streams and shifted physical records, enough people up and down the UK clearly resonate with what it’s all about, too. But, knowing full well that these two would struggle to whittle down their borderless community of underground artists into a tidy, search-engine-optimised description, we decided to ask them what the project is all about.

Read the full Silhouettes Project interview in ISSUE SEVEN of Off Licence Magazine, available here.

‘It’s a series of collaborative album projects and events bringing together grassroots artists for a common cause,’ says Kosher, laughing soon after, admitting that he’d just read out their Instagram bio to answer our question.

The product of not having enough spaces to create music in their native South London, TSP has spanned studio access, events, and a sell-out vinyl in its short life so far. Started in 2018 by the close friends before us, reflecting on the journey in front of our eyes and before our ears, it felt like these two driven creatives were taking stock of their achievements as we prodded them for info and anecdotes.

‘In 2018, I played in Shoreditch and Ash (Kosher) came through’, says Eerf Evil, a versatile rapper that we’ve been following since he touched a Brighton stage in the chilly autumn of 2017. Realising they had a lot in common, the artists quickly set about creating something more ambitious and more abstract than a joint mixtape.

‘We began to think about what we could do for the community,’ continues Eerf, whose professional background is in youth work. ‘We wanted to create a brand that encapsulates the quality of the underground scene around us. And bang… Silhouettes Project was born.’

Read the full Silhouettes Project interview in ISSUE SEVEN of Off Licence Magazine, available here.

Photography in the article comes from @seblukevirgo + @timoespurio + @mikenvy7

Words by Greg Stanley and Brickcellphone

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