ISSUE EIGHT of Off Licence Magazine is out now

The eighth issue of Offie Mag has been released into the world, featuring Manchester’s all-round creative Meme Gold on one cover and on the other, Navy Music Group’s full roster; Prem, Novelist, A.I.M, Sustrapperazzi, Kabuto and Raj Forever.


And what even is Offie Mag? It’s a question we’re asked a fair bit and a question which we rarely manage to answer in less than fifteen minutes. If you’ve ever heard one of us bumble out a lengthy definition, you’ll notice that Offie Mag has become an adjective as much as it is a magazine or a platform or whatever. And with that said, this issue of printed matter has been all about being the most Offie Mag that Offie Mag can be.

And similarly, we’ve only chatted to artists who we reckon uphold them same values. We’ve got Navy Music Group being the most Navy Music Group they can be. Meme Gold being so Meme Gold, Layfullstop being nothing but herself and so on and so on.

That kind of integrity is the theme. We’re just trying to keep it real, really. Trying to keep it Offie Mag. Covering stuff we want to cover, not what made a top 100 list on the front page of Hypesnobiety or Highbeast.

We also went to Bexhill and Lisbon, spoke to Deema, Diani and ate burgers.

Offie Mag.

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