Offie Mag Premiere: Conrad Mundy – Something Above

London rapper Conrad Mundy is getting ready to drop a new EP, starting here with a music video for the first track from it, Something Above.

As an Offie Mag Premiere, it’s a privilege to share with you the work of a rapper that we’ve been onto for a little while now. You, yourself? You might have found Mundy through old Soundcloud links on beats made by dylantheinfamous, or maybe via that tasty Drae Da Skimask-produced EP he dropped with CLBRKS.

Either way, you’ll know his slowed-down signature style and cadence is prime head-nodding material, as Conrad Mundy flips between being able to make you screw your face, make you think, and sometimes even make you laugh. He comes serious on this one, though, as Something Above sees Mundy sketch introspections on a minimal, eery beat from Aloisius.

Video’s a little bit cinematic as well, innit, with some rare British sunshine illuminating elements that very much make up the complete package. Expect more of the same from the full EP, Flying Man, which drops on Friday August 6th 2021.

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