Offie Mag Premiere: Jaydonclover – Whataboutnow (featuring Elijah Bank$y, Franklin Armstrong, Monét)

The latest Offie Mag Premiere comes from Birmingham superstar, Jaydonclover, whose newest single Whataboutnow features a host of underground talent.

With Elijah Bank$y, Franklin Armstrong and Monét on the roster and dylantheinfamous on the line-up, this is truly a team effort that sees each every artist play their part. The approach from each to Dylan’s beat is unique to the last, with Jaydon’s typically hushed vocals leading the hook.

A long, long cut, the DIY video ties all the artists together, sounding like the most relaxed posse cut you’ve ever heard. If you’re new to any of these names, delve into their growing discography. Whether it’s Jaydon’s now iconic-sounding Recovering Lover, Monét’s Apple Bottom Jeans, Franklin Armstrong’s recently dropped Good Yout or Elijah’s hefty catalogue, you can’t miss.

Shout out to BXKS on the full version of this as well, available on all the streaming sites.

Full Credits:

Performed by Jaydonclover (@jaydonclover) Elijah Bank$y (@elijahbanksy), Franklin Armstrong (@franklin_armstrong) and Monét (@monetmia).

Directed by Milky (@milky.idt) and Jaydonclover, with assistance from Caleb Distant (@kayfaraway
Filmed and edited by Milky

Images by Anita Schonhofer (@szenhofer)
Mixing by Joe Duffy (@mono.joe)
Mastering by Isla Wolfe (@islawolfeuk)

Styling by Sammy C (@pupperbitch) with assistance from Liv Jank (@livjank)

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