GoodBoyz in Bristol: KAM-BU’s headlining a heavy line-up on August 26th

Them young and lively promoters at GoodBoyz have recently announced their first ever show in Bristol.

Not long off the back of their debut London event that saw Ayrtn jump on top of a sold out crowd at Peckham Audio, the ambitious GoodBoyz are bringing KAM-BU to Exchange. It’ll be the West London artist’s first show in the West Country, with a hefty amount of support, too.

Brighton’s own Nokia Mansion are on the line-up, whose live set has a tendency to go absolutely off. BXKS is on the poster, too, a versatile rapper who you might know from a Mixtape Madness, her recent EP Full Time Daydreamer or her chat with Brickcellphone. Last but not least, CMilliano, a regular on our Music of the Month playlist and another who is sure to bring some serious energy to a night brimming with young rap talent from all over the country.

In a city with it’s own unique relationship with hip-hop, Bristol’s set for a good one we reckon on August 26th. It’s a Thursday, which is the new Friday. You can get a ticket for the show here.

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