03CAS drops full tape of experimental Hip Hop titled 'THE IMPOSTER'

03CAS sits on the experimental side of modern-day 'UK Hip-Hop', although he's a prime example of why such terms are redundant.

Hailing from South Africa but having been shaped by London, his beat choices transcends both parts of UK Hip-Hop. He'll work with acts from anywhere, not just those at the end of the street or from the 'UK', and production is only contextualised as 'Hip-Hop' by his rapping, as opposed to the other way around.


Whilst the likes of GOLLY are more straightforward from CAS in terms of structure, seeing him set up verses and a hook over lethargic loop, efforts like 59FIFTY do without hooks and see him rap on production that reminds us of some early Puma Blue as much as it does a Hip Hop beat.

His recent tape THE IMPOSTER delves into his story, feeling like an outsider in the UK having moved here in his younger years, a story felt in the very essence of sonics.


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