404 Guild's 'Evening Star' takes them one step closer to their new album

Formed in sunny Eastbourne, 404 Guild are one of the most interesting groups you'll find in UK music, we reckon.

Their members are so varied in terms of musical stylings, yet when all parts come together to form 404 Guild, they make projects that feel cohesive and experimental in equal parts. In other words, each member's input can be heard, and that's a beautiful thing - something that Take That could have only dreamed of.

On Evening Star, the follow-up single to Feedback Loop that edges them closer to their new album, The Guild retain some of those rap elements that first put them on our radar back in 2020.

Once again, a combination of electronic and live instruments collide, all with tidily directed visuals to accompany what, as ever, is a well-rounded release from 404 Guild.

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