Atlanta-based Aáyanna releases fire debut single 'Risky'

Born in Chicago and based in Atlanta, Aáyanna has introduced herself with an explosive debut single in Risky.

Unapologetically confident, you can file this one in the hyped-up rap category. Run through this one a couple times and by next Friday night you'll be propping your phone up against the bathroom tiles to hear it in the shower, rapping along whilst you reach for the Original Source.

Risky was produced by Juberlee who has producer credits for the likes of Playboi Carti and Aáyanna cuts through the heavy bass on this one with high-notes, sounding clean not only in verses but in the harmonic adlibs that float all the track.

There's also a handycam-shot music video of this one which, as promised, shows Aáyanna 'F*ckin’ up your city.'

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