Armenian artist daao explores HOME through raw jazz

daao is an Armenian electronic musician making some raw jazz at the moment.

A multi-faceted creative who directs, DJs and produces, on the track MIDNIGHT DAAO, it feels like an alter-ego who comes out in the dark of night, bursting with lively drums and gliding synths.



The fast-paced nature of the track takes you round bends, with the repeated vocals eventually becoming clearer as you reach the final destination of the song - a more minimal but no less jumpy end where the vocals can be heard, reverberated. 

The track is featured on a full album entitled HOME that was released earlier in 2023. As you would expect from the title, daao explores the theme of home throughout, contemplating what it is and what that means amidst the context of a life where travelling from place-to-place is the norm.

Well worth a listen and well worth a follow on Instagram, where you catch a whole lot of other art and direction.

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