Athens jazz quartet Toka Lili release ‘Space Lili’

Athenian electronic funk and jazz quartet Toka Lili have dropped some absolute heat via indie label and art production collective, Fortune Cut Records. 

The Greek group combine their use of deep grooves, spacey chords and upbeat percussion to create their own uniquely jazzy sound. Jazz is something that Greece takes very seriously, and if you're trying to explore what the country has to offer, we reckon this could be a good jump-off point. 

Initially founded by pianist Markos Chaidemenos and drummer Panagiotis Kostopoulos, the pair performed as a duo until they decided to add George Constantinou on electric bass and Erik Panagopoulos on guitar. Each group member of Toka Lili brings their unique perspective after their long exploration of the Athenian music and art scene.

We love this album. You will too. If you're looking for more jazz, head to our Jazz Club Playlist.

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