Listen to this Austrian jazz fusion from Martin Burk

For the non-German speakers among us, ‘Die Vergangenheit der Schildkröte’ translates to The Turtle’s Past.

‘Die Vergangenheit der Schildkröte’ is lifted from Martin’s debut album ‘Selbstmord ist Tödlich’, which translates to ‘Suicide is Deadly’.

German lesson over.

This album is a beautiful arrangement of jazzy cuts from the Vienna native who is the double bass player and band leader of the project. Burk does not play a single solo on the record, putting his peers more at the fore whilst subtly holding together the project with melodic but grounded, precise but expressive bass.

The stylistic range is broad on this one, with nods to acid-jazz and 80s-inspired jazz throughout the EP. 

We enjoyed this one, we think you will as well.

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