Bawo and Reek0 are on the 'Same Team'

Truly one of the rising London artists of today, Bawo is a rapper that harnesses a variety of rap sounds to make one that's uniquely his.

On Same Team, Bawo's joined by the similarly acclaimed Reek0 and production from Oscar #Worldpeace to create a single worthy of it's all-star line-up. 

In all honesty, we knew this one was strong from the moment we saw the Getty Image-looking, business core stock-photo artwork. And once that JPEG is clicked and the audio begins, you can hear what we're talking about in terms of Bawo's ability to combine various elements of contemporary rap sounds.

Flow-wise, the short syllable lines early on are similar to those found in drill, whilst lyrically, it's clear that Bawo has nuance, depth and a way with words beyond wordplay and reload respite. He tells stories, contemplates issues those in his age bracket can relate to, and never fails to pick production that adds to his concepts rather than detracting from them.

Explaining the inspiration behind the track, Bawo's explains that: "The song is about having the strength to ask for help despite maybe not feeling okay; people close to me maybe thinking that I'm moving different but I'm still me and still here, so yeah, shout me, 'cos we can't do life alone."


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