Bawo to headline Brighton’s Green Door Store on February 4th

There are a lot of gigs that we like the look of right now, and Bawo headlining Green Door Store is certainly one of them.

The New Society will be packing out the cobbled floored venue on February 4th, bringing the London rapper Bawo to Brighton for his first headline date in the city, with Namani and Birmingham’s Ninioh on the bill, too. TNS have got a bit of momentum at the minute, having bought the likes of Ashbeck, Sam Wise, Clbrks, Nia Archives and Karl Benjamin to the seaside in recent times.

Grab your tickets here, and see below for some highlights Bawo, Namani and Ninioh.

A whole video shot in iPhone portrait mode, imagine.

Namani’s cooked up various hits in the past 12 months. This one and LAB will make us chuck Carlsbergs.

One of Brum’s best, showcased best on a Lauren Ralph beat. The guy don’t miss.

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