BBE Music reissue classic Japanese jazz album, Push, by Noriko Miyamoto

London heavyweights BBE Music have just released the latest project in their J Jazz Masterclass Series. This time, it’s a BIG reissue from 1978, Push by Noriko Miyamoto. 

Japanese jazz legend Isao Suzuki produced the album after Suzuki scouted Miyamoto to join his band, Soul Family. Initially released by the now-defunct label Yupiteru Records in 1978, the album has been reissued a few times in Japan, but this reissue of Push will be the first time ever that this album will be officially released worldwide. 

Noriko Miyamoto, who started her music career as a dancer, was inspired by Tina Turner's performances and decided to become a soul singer herself. Thanks Tina.

Noriko fulfilled her dream and moved to the US in 1990. Subsequently joined several prestigious outfits, including Eddie Murphy’s band, Graham Central Station, the Brothers Johnson and Side Effect.

You can preorder the album here. And we suggest that you do so. It's great. 

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