Benim Denim are the clothing brand aiming to shut down ASAP

The fashion industry is a bit mad, innit? Outside of your own tailored ads bubble and eBay watch list, do you ever feel like fashion is just something for people that only exist on Instagram stories?

Add that exclusivity to the massive impact that fashion has on carbon emissions, not to mention the exploitation and injustice seen by garment workers globally, and you've got yourself a pretty problematic industry.

But there's still some good news stories out there. In 2022, Renewcell, a Swedish textile-to-textile recycling company, teamed up with creatives Haisam Mohammed and Noah Bramme by giving them 170 meters of dead stock material. With it, they created Benim Denim.


Benim Denim’s twisted logic means that the company’s main ambition is to shut down as soon as possible, only allowing it to live as long as the 170-meter repurposed dead stock denim roll lets them.

The brand lookbook was shot by Isak Berglund Mattsson-Mårn and depicts the brand’s funeral service, celebrating the shutdown of Benim Denim.

The brand's commitment to sustainability will allow you to both look good and feel full of yourself, 'cos you’ll be doing the planet a favour. Find out more about them via their website.

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