British jazz outfit Ebi Soda share surreal video for track 'Pseudocreme'

Never ones to play it by the book, British jazz act Ebi Soda have dropped a weird and wonderful new video for the track Pseudocreme from their recent album, Honk If You're Sad.

Yeah, they've got a thing for comical titles. But as surreal as they and their new video is, you've got to take Ebi Soda's music very seriously as they're one of the finer jazz bands in the country right now.

Energetic live with the unpredictability of an off-kilter rock band, they're an example of how jazz has become far less chin-strokey and way more accessible in the past decade or so. Go to an Ebi Soda gig and you'll likely find some likeminded minds who just wanna move their legs lots.

Watch their new video and it make you feel like you wanna do the same.

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