CAEBAL's another addition to the UK's avant-garde rap landscape

What with Hip Hop being 50 years-old, now, there are long branches off that original tree that are sprouting into ecosystems of their very own - and the UK's avant-garde rap strand is one of them.

CAEBAL is a rapper new on our radar who is taking a minimal approach in terms of rapping over loops that only contextualised as rap beats by the very fact that there is a rapper on them. When a sample is good, that is, well-found, little-known, interesting and obscure, even, it does not always need warping into something else completely different.


HARDCORE, a juxtaposing name for CAEBAL's silky 16-track tape, sees the artist prioritise his own voice and own stories, allowing the beats purely to guide his flows and delivery. The result is a tape that you can imagine being performed live, mic-lead trailing our protagonist as he gets each and every word off. 

We went for the track ALL OVER for our Music of the Month playlist, but you can find the whole tape on all major streaming sites as and when you're ready.

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