Cherise's reaches checkpoint with debut album 'Calling'

UK soul singer Cherise is a rising talent.

Having been featured on Blue Note's Reimagined project in 2022, just one of many highly acclaimed endorsements of her talent, Cherise has captured her journey so far in debut album Calling.



An alumni of the brilliant Tomorrow's Warriors - the non-profit talent development programme that has helped the careers of so many London jazz acts - Cherise has performed at the likes of Ronnie Scott's and Love Supreme. Her incredible vocal range has an old school soulful feel, whilst her subject matter and subtleties in production ensure this is something new and not retro.

Summer Love stands out as a highlight, with a Hip-Hop-leaning bop to the production and an electronic buzz that ensures the aforementioned forward-thinking-ness to be true. However, having been stitched together with the occasional skit, this is an album in the true sense of the world, well-worth a full listen.

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