Come Thru explore 'ecosystem' of rap sounds on debut tape

Come Thru isn’t a band, group, or a collective.

They see themselves as an 'ecosystem of artists bonded by their love of hip-hop'. A concept that’s summarised beautifully in their debut tape ‘Long Time, First Time’.

Founded pre-covid by producer Neo Sū, Come Thru was originally a live event open to all, seeing a concoction of beat-makers, MCs and singers all passing the mic and sharing stories and love for hip-hop. It developed into what you see before you, an album comprised solely of artists connected by the events.


Long Time, First Time was recorded all in one day and executively produced by Angus Luke and Neo Sū. Come Thru was founded by Neo Sū and run by himself and Angus Luke, with the duo spending the last five months crafting this debut tape into what you hear today.

Run this one up and if you're into in, look out for a Come Thru event soon.


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